Chicken Invaders 4,5 Cheats

Chicken Invaders Cheats Download

Chicken Invaders Cheats

 Hi, in this video you will see chicken invaders cheats,
I worked very hard to get this trainer for download, as its not like any other trainer who requires Cheat Engine or something else, this one is REALLY SIMPLE to use.

Description of cheats:
First run chicken invaders cheats trainer.Then run the Chicken Invaders 4/5. (You can start the game with it’s own exe file or You can use the Launch game button in the trainer.)Press the number keys on the keyboard to activate and deactivate cheats. You can also use the check boxes to activate/deactivate the cheats.There are eight options in this trainer:
1. Endless health
2. 100000 points per enemy eliminating
3. Endless food
4. Endless Missiles
5. 5,000 keys every time you pick a key
6. Immediate kill
7. Strongest weapon
8. Weapon never overheat
  • 100,000 points per eliminate: You get 100,000 points for every time you eliminate enemy.
  • Endless food: Your food is on endless. Every time You get food, You get a missile for it.
  • Endless Missiles: If You get or use a missile, You will have 9,999 missiles.
  • 5,000 keys: When You pick up a key, You will get 5,000 instead of just one.
  • Endless Health: If You get or lose a health, You will get 99.
  • Immediate kill: One shot will kill any enemy (including Bosses).
  • Strongest power: Max weapon power. You need to pick up a power up to activate it.
  • Weapon never overheat: You can shoot endlessly.
As You can see, every cheat will get activated when the quantity of health, scores, food, missiles etc is changed.

Chikcen Invaders Cheats Download